Legacy of the Mat

Stories from the Lives of Olympic Athletes Jim and Dave Hazewinkel

About the Book

Legacy of the Mat is a collection of stories from the Athletic and Coaching careers of twin brothers Jim and Dave Hazewinkel, two-time Olympic wrestlers. For years they have shared these stories with family and friends, and now they share them with you. Read the inspiring stories of these athletes as they smuggle Bibles across the Iron Curtain, coach the West Point Cadets, and witness the 1972 Munich Massacre. Ride along in the plane that almost didn't fly, and discover how laughter really is the best medicine.

About the Author

Jim and Judy Hazewinkel Jim Hazewinkel was on the 1968 and 1972 United States Olympic Wrestling teams. He coached at West Point Military Academy while serving in the Army and then became a collegiate coach for 48 years. Jim was also a member of five United States World Wrestling Teams. He has been inducted into nine Wrestling and Athletic Halls of Fame and was named “Outstanding Wrestler of the Nation” three times. Jim shared the Gospel as he wrestled and coached for God's glory. He and his wife, Judy, live in Alabama.

Legacy of the Mat

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"So interesting! Wow! This book is amazing. I thought it was so fascinating, I was telling my husband all about it as I read. I don't know the first thing about wrestling, but even I found the whole book so interesting. I just loved the book. It's wonderful! The pages just flew by!"

Melissa Hozey, Librarian

"The book is fantastic! I couldn't put it down till I finished it. So inspiring!"

Susan Rickles, Retired Administrator

"I found this book to be so refreshing as I read of Jim's courage and boldness in sharing the Gospel. I was encouraged by this book to trust more and witness more."

Ruth Dillon, former missionary to Liberia, West Africa

"The outstanding accomplishments of these two brothers don't begin to compare with the lives that were changed due to their faithful witness for Christ."

Jim Owens, Businessman

"This is an amazing series of accounts showing how God worked in their lives. So interesting!"

John Wood, English Professor

"Throughout the narrative of Jim and Dave's journey, we see the Lord weaving an amazing and adventure-filled life. A story that is inspiring and true!"

Tony Christensen, Pastor of Bell Lane Baptist Church in Clanton, Alabama

"Jim and Dave have made a difference in the lives of others. Once you start reading this book, you can't put it down."

Del Scrivner, Pastor of New Hope Fellowship in Olympia, Washington

"Jim Hazewinkel changed the way I view athletics."

Dave Schultz, Former student of Jim's

"Jim is a credit to his profession and to his Lord."

Edward S. Cunningham, Photographer

"Jim has always been one of my heroes. Thanks, Jim, for all of your enthusiasm and love for Jesus."

Tom Latham, Missionary to Brazil

"I learned that God can be included in everything you do."

Matt Baker, Businessman

"I am forever grateful for the Godly example Coach Jim has been on my life. There are no words to fully describe his positive impact on and off the mat. Thank you for everything, Coach!"

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